Cell phone listening software xampp

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Now I can connect to my localhost using the url of ngrok but I would like to use localhost instead of that url because if not the CSS and the urls of my project does not work. Is it possible? As far as I know, android does not know localhost. It know ip, and network.

Cell phone monitoring software xampp - Spy text app for android

Maybe you want to Try this: imrhung. My friend said it is like DNS, I am not so sure is it possible or not. Never tried it before. So far, I use IP address with no changes at httpd. So far is good.

cell phone monitoring software xampp

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Cell phone monitoring software xampp - best spy apps

What we need to do is to open up port 80 on the PC and configure Apache to handle the requests sent across the LAN from the phone. Each dev site will get its own IP address, allowing us to keep hosting multiple dev sites. These are the steps I took to set it up:. Now you need to know what the IP is of your hosting computer, and it needs to be static. This depends on your router I understand, so check in your router admin if you need to. You need to do this to be able to run more than one website from the root, each site will have its own IP address on the LAN.

Now you enter your IP address again in this table, and also add the other IP addresses you want to use to host your sites. Target phone listening software xampp.

Cell phone listening software xampp

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