Nokia 5 3310 spy phone

Then flash the patched firmware back into the phone.

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I have been able to boil it down to a few steps shown in the menu sequence. Firmware updates for the Nokia are unlikely to be available because it would require a special data cable, which is no longer produced and difficult to find.

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Since the data cable was not readily available, I decided to find another way to connect to the Nokia data port. Initially I had it connected to an oscilloscope with temporary probes but later I decided to solder a thin plastic ribbon cable, which could fold over from under the battery. You can see how I did this in the Nokia Port Mod article.

It turned out to be a very useful mod and I ended up learning ARM programming -- for educational purposes of course.


I saw some data cables on eBay; however, they are for single bus communication, which is just enough to change the logo, screen saver image, and ring tone. However, you cannot change the firmware with that.

Nokia 5 spy phone - Mobile online tracking

For the Spy Phone modification, I had to find a software file called g3n0lite v2. This file, together with a set of scripts will modify the firmware file. This file is not on this site. This article focuses on the hardware and electronics required to interface a Nokia to a PC, and thereby flash its firmware. There is no software provided on this site, as it is already available on the Internet. This project requires excellent soldering skills, knowledge of electronics, basic tools, and some downloaded software.

The classic Nokia 3310 ghost phone for security monitoring

Electronic Engineering Donate. Author: Peter J. The text message functions will allow you to receive any text messages sent and received to the Nokia, monitor the text message content and listen in through the amplified microphone. Simple operation and easy to use — this product is stable and very affective.

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Ideal for catching out cheating spouses and employs who may be up to no good to name a few uses. Some room bugs can be found but this Nokia is a bugging device that can be left on the side board or plugged into a charger which ever. Check the quality of care being offered to your elderly loved ones. Listen to conversations in any room or place of work.

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